The Sim

The Starbase Protector is a Celestial class Starbase built on the Romulan boarder. Despite the threat of a Romulan war with the Federation Starbase Protector has always been there to back up Task Force 72 since its creation. The starbase is in high orbit around a terrestrial type planet much like Earth is but three times as big. The planet below has no form of civilisation and the perfect spot for the Starbase as the resources are on high. There has been many times that the Romulan's have debated that a Federation Starbase shouldn't be placed on their boarder and there had been times that they attacked the starbase hoping that the Federation would leave.

Starbase Protector has always been there for Task Force 72 in refuelling their ships and repairing any damage they have faced during their stay here. There are civilians living on the base and have set up many shops around the promenade. The promenade is the main civilian area with shops and a school for the children to learn. Starfleet also has a training facility for their cadets. The marines have a place of their own and the 102nd MASH unit is located on the Starbase. The base has also got their own fighter wing called the Golden Knight's and Paladin's.

The Protector name has been used by Starfleet over the years but this is the first Starbase to be called Protector. The protector has a sister starbase called Deep Space Five and they are only forty light years away from each other. Protector, sometimes spelled protecter, is used as a title or part of various historical titles of heads of state and others in authority. The word literally means one who protects and Starbase Protector has certainly lived up to her name. The first starship to have the name Protector was a Miranda Class Commanded by Captain Trehica a Vulcan. The second starship was a Olympic class. Finally a third ship before they named the starbase Protector was an Intrepid class.