Welcome to Starbase Protector

Welcome to Starbase Protector of Obsidian's Fleet Task Force 72. Newly appointed commanding officer Kaito Tsukino is placed in charge of Starbase Protector the main hub for all things. When there's an attack on the Starbase Kaito and his crew must be able to work together or they will perish under the Zeaon. The Zeaon are an insect type race unknown to the Federation it looks like they have just appeared into existence and started attacking Federation worlds. Hundreds of colony's have vanished without a word of hesitation from the enemy. However little do the Starbase Protector's crew these Zeaon are only the foot soldiers, bred for combat by their masters.

Starbase Protector has had a long service history before Lieutenant Commander Kaito Tsukino took the helm, the starbase had served as the main refuelling and supply line for many wars that the Federation were thrown into and the Federation enemies have attacked it before but the crew have stood together to face any and all threats and managed to push back. Join today and be a part of Starbase Protector's crew there are many positions that are open feel free to look around.